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What Makes PaperHelp a Good Service According to Your Reviews of the First Half of 2022

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At the start of the fall semester, we decided to look back at the first half of 2022 and take inventory of our successes, achievements, and challenges. What better way to do that than to ask you for feedback? In this post, we proudly present an overview of what makes PaperHelp a good service according to customer reviews we have received since January.

#1 Paper Help Support

Our customer support team accompanies you all the way through your journey: from the first interest and tentative inquiries to post-purchase assistance and feedback. No wonder they've received most of the praise going our way so far – and you couldn't bestow it on more grateful people. Paper Help support team lives for your feedback and sends you their love and appreciation for every email and friendly message they have from you.

You have particularly appreciated the speed with which your questions have been answered, issues resolved, and your mood improved. Other top-valued qualities named: competence, friendliness, and… sense of humor. I think I know whom you mean, but mum's the word.

#2 Safety and anonymity

Moving on with our top 5 features that make PaperHelp a good service. The next thing you have mentioned most often is the sweet sense of security and confidence you feel when visiting our site, dealing with the order form, and communicating with customer care agents and writers. We take your right to remain anonymous on the web very seriously and constantly update security measures to make sure no cyber foe could access even a little shred of your data.

Financial security, respect for anonymity, and encryption of messages and everything exchanged on the website remain some of the most appreciated features. Let us also remind you that to keep your Guy Fawkes mask on, you should avoid disclosing (or requesting!) any personal details that might identify you or the person on the other end when communicating with your assigned experts. Keep your real name, home address, school email, etc., under your hat.

#3 Urgent orders

Students are always in a hurry, so no surprise our same-day delivery feature made it this high. As a rule, most of you are good planners, so the bulk of your orders are at least several days away. However, sometimes you need an essay fast. Like, FAST. And when it's a matter of hours, we are there for you just as well.

The minimum possible deadline is 3 hours for a one-page assignment, with an additional hour for every page you want to add to the length. This is an approximation, and it can be a bit faster or slower for some particular topics. However, I must also remind you that the price for urgent orders goes up, so it's in your best interest to schedule your deadlines beforehand. Still, if an assignment slips your mind and you suddenly discover it's due today, we've got you covered, no worries.

#4 Loyalty program

Talking about planning and saving: quite expectedly, our Loyalty Program made it into our customers' top 5 favorite features. However, Loyalty Credits, special offers, and personal promo codes were named as the best feature a bit more often than in our previous polls. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has affected many small businesses that students relied on for part-time employment, so many personal budgets remain without the much-needed supplement. Hence the popularity of saving and everything to do with it. In these trying times, we find solace in the thought that we help you cope – at least a little.

Quality writing

Last but not least is the unwaveringly excellent quality of papers that our experts deliver for you to enjoy, study, and learn from. The fact that this rubric doesn't come first on the list is only because, with PaperHelp, great writing and expertise go without saying. That's the core requirement, not a pleasant bonus, so many of our customers don't mention it in their additional comments. However, in polls that include the quality of writing as a separate position you can select, it consistently gets ticked – and our egos tickled.

Yet when the quality gets mentioned, it is praised by discerning readers, making this feedback all the more valuable. Things that you liked best about our expert produce are close adherence to the assignment details, subject matter expertise, factual accuracy, originality, and elegant style that combines eloquence and clarity.

Thanks for being with us and choosing us over and over. We hope that this academic year will bring new exciting discoveries and achievements. And if challenges get a little too much – we will always be here to help you out. Good luck!

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