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Is Getting Academic Assistance from PaperHelp Legit and Ethical?

paperhelp legit

The academic community, educators, students, and parents continuously debate the educational system's effectiveness and adequacy. Whether it's fair and equitable, whether it prepares students for a career, whether the study load is reasonable, and so on.

The latter consideration is particularly relevant since more and more students suffer from stress and anxiety, predominantly connected with the pressure to achieve and get good grades. According to various mental-health surveys, today's teens and young adults are the most stressed ever, with almost 80% of students reporting feeling stress often and over a third of all the students feeling depressed.

According to Kathy Reamy, a school counselor from Maryland, a ruthlessly competitive academic environment and high-stakes standardized testing are the major contributing factors. "They're getting the first B in their lives, and they're fearful it will prevent them from going to college, any college, never mind their dream college. And they don't want to disappoint their parents," says Reamy. All this disproportionately affects first-generation college students from low-income families who are likely to enter college with less academic preparation and limited access to information about the college experience and helpful resources, such as writing centers, course-based peer tutoring programs, etc.

This makes alternative sources of assistance like PaperHelp vital for closing the achievement gap, degree attainment, and mental health of the learners. However, many students are wary about getting outside help and unsure about what is allowed and what goes beyond legitimate assistance. For example, is requesting editing for your essay from PaperHelp legit? What about ordering a sample essay? Is help with sources for a literature review okay? In this post, I will try to resolve some of the most common concerns.

Is Assistance from Paper Help Legit?

To be clear: this is not in answer to the question, "Is legit as a business and reliable as a service?" I sincerely hope you have no doubt about that. If you do, however, I strongly recommend you check the post is paperhelp reliable I wrote on the topic earlier. To recap:

  • We render writing services within the limits of the US and international law.
  • All the statistics and evidence used in the samples are obtained legally from verified sources.
  • All data cited directly or indirectly are appropriately attributed.
  • Every paper is subjected to stringent plagiarism checks to ensure originality.
  • All your personal information is confidential and never shared with any third parties.
  • Everything you share with your assigned writer or with us is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
  • The payment process is secured with PCI DSS-compliant procedures.
  • Order delivery before the deadline is guaranteed and protected with a money-back policy.

So far, so good. Yet some of our customers might feel conflicted about getting assistance on college assignments as they question their academic integrity. Where exactly is the line between getting legitimate educational help and, well, contract cheating? The answer to that depends on how exactly you use the materials you receive from our experts.

As such, ordering texts from writing services, freelance writers, or asking someone you know to show you a sample of their work, learning from it, and improving your own style is absolutely ethical and within your right. However, there are legitimate and illegitimate ways to use the obtained texts.

How do I use PaperHelp responsibly?

Here are some guidelines to make sure you stay within the well-warranted limits:

  • First of all, make sure you comply with your school's code of honor. Some schools allow tutoring, writing center assistance, peer learning, group projects, etc. Others cultivate personal responsibility for all achievements. You judge what is within the letter and the spirit of your school's principles and what contradicts them.
  • Second, follow the guidelines for the particular class and assignment. If your instructor says you must do this work individually, with no outside assistance whatsoever, that means any kind of help is out of the question, including PaperHelp.
  • Make sure you only use any samples you receive from our service as models to aid your studying and inform your original work.
  • Never submit samples you receive from us towards an academic credit, passing them off as your own work by either intentional misrepresentation or omission.
  • Do not copy fragments of the samples you receive from us without proper attribution; always cite every bit as you would do with other types of sources.
  • Do not ask your assigned writer to assume your identity and pass the online test instead of you. This is against the rules of our platform. A writer must report users who make such requests, and they will get a warning. Persistent failure to abide by this rule can get a user banned.

All in all, asking is Paper Help legit is like asking whether a hammer is harmless. If you use it right, say to drive a nail into the wall to hang a picture, it's pretty harmless. If you go around smashing your neighbors' windows with it – not so much. Same with our service. If you do not abuse it, adhere to academic integrity principles, and act in the letter and the spirit of your school's code of honor, you can use it without reservations.

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