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How to Write a Useful Paper Help Review that Benefits Your Fellow Customers

paperhelp review

I don’t know how you got acquainted with our service, but I’d love to think it was through a helpful, polite, and constructive PaperHelp review from a happy customer. Word of mouth – albeit in its digital form – remains the most trusted and reliable source of information for the modern consumer.

Today we will talk about how you can pay it forward by writing a Paper Help review for other customers that might be interested in our services and providing us with the valuable feedback we need to improve.

How and Where to Leave Paperhelp.Org Reviews

The bulk of customer reviews of our service is gathered on the testimonials page. You can also see thematic blocks of selected relevant reviews on pages dedicated to particular types of service (dissertation writing, editing, creative writing, etc.).

If you wish to add your feedback to our reviews page, send it via email to or contact our support team in online chat.

Another way to spread the word and give your honest opinion about us is on social media or crowdsourcing information platforms such as Sitejabber. Of course, given the public nature of such platforms, you might hesitate and decide in favor of protecting your anonymity. We totally understand if you’d rather keep our collaboration discreet.

Still, we would be immensely grateful if you’d drop a line privately to some of your friends who might need our help. By the way, you can invite your friends via our referral program and earn delicious discounts and more.

Tips on Writing an Informative Quality Review

Now let’s talk about writing a review that benefits your fellow customers and helps us to improve and serve you better.

  1. Give specifics and be constructive
  2. Your review can be positive, negative, neutral, or mixed. However, it’s most helpful for other users and us if you first give your overall impression and then list various aspects that contributed to your experience. Give details that reconstruct the complete picture of what happened and point out what we do well and where we can do better. This way, we can improve, and other customers can benefit from the full information.

  3. Cover several aspects of the service
  4. We don’t have a rule about the minimum or maximum word count. Still, we encourage you to give more details than simply “great, no probs” or “terrible, won’t recommend.” Specifics make your reviews more useful for other customers, especially if you talk about a range of elements: time of delivery, quality of papers, customer service, payment procedure, ordering process, communication with the assigned expert, etc. If you only talk about one aspect of the service, this can limit the helpfulness of your feedback.

  5. Leave out personal details
  6. Details and specifics, however, should not include any information that identifies you, customer care agents, writers, your friends, or any of the people involved. Please leave out names, addresses, etc. We also would appreciate it if you didn’t name other services – either in a positive or negative light. We wouldn’t be able to publish your feedback because we legally aren’t allowed to use trademarks belonging to other companies on our website without their permission.

  7. Be honest but civil
  8. We do not edit your feedback, save for the automated profanity filter that blanks out the words people might find offensive. However, we appreciate your consideration for the fact that what you write will be published. As such, we’d love it if you treated your reviews the same way you would treat your other publicly expressed opinions, with the same rules of civility applied. Do not make accusations that are untrue or unproven. If you had a bad experience with one of our customer care agents or writers, voice it in a calm, objective tone. Point out the problem without ad hominem attacks.

That said, we encourage and welcome all opinions and appreciate negative feedback, as it gives us an opportunity for growth and improvement. Be honest and help us to be better for you!

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