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PaperHelp Orders Stats. Data You Wanted to Know About Paper Writing Services But No One Ever Told

paperhelp order stats

Despite booming for several recent years, the online academic assistance market remains quite a reticent, if not secretive, sphere. Industry players reluctantly share any inner information or statistical data with outsiders. For one part, this relates to the fact that this is a highly competitive business area, and insights your share might be used by rival companies to take advantage of you and your customers. For another part, the crusade higher education institutions and the media started on writing assistance services (despite the legality of their business) is unprecedented. Keeping a low profile is a fully justified abient response in the face of possible turmoil.

However, being one of the industry’s pioneers, likes to go out in front and do things other haven’t the guts to do. This relates to presenting new services, implementing more efficient customer care procedures, making writers’ selection tougher, enforcing stricter quality standards, honing each business process to perfection. And now, keeping in line with our honesty and transparency policies, we are about to share the statistics other writing assistance companies hold as commercially sensitive information. We do that to better familiarize students from all walks of life (including our existing and prospective customers) with our mission and help them better understand what our paper writing service can do to let you achieve your academic goals most efficiently.

Below, you will discover pivotal number characteristics of the most frequent orders students place with PaperHelp. What kinds of papers, for which subjects, and of what size do they need above all? Do post-graduates address online writing assistance? How fast do most customers need help delivered? Let’s figure it out!

The Summarized Data

We’ve analyzed the statistics over the last 2 years – from the 2019 academic year before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic up until August 2021. The first thing we noticed is that despite the media-infused assumption that the number of students who go online for writing assistance has spiked with the shift to virtual learning (primarily, they wrote about it in the US and the UK), our data didn’t show any significant change – increase or decrease – in orders volume.

Predictably, the most frequently ordered item is an undergraduate-level (60%) essay (51.2%, all types of essays included). Much likely, this is the result of this kind of written assignment’s popularity in American and British higher education institutions and the increased number of essays assigned to students over the last decade. The most frequent deadline is 3 days (27.3%), size – 1 page (32.6%). The situation with subjects is rather tangled as almost one-third of customers don’t mention it in the order form, probably considering that stating the topic is enough. (Please, note that if you decide to address our expert assistance, you’d better do mention the subject, just as we advise in our recommendations on filling out the order form correctly for the best results.) Out of specified subjects, Nursing is the leader (7.5%). Finally, a third (32.9%) of our customers who take advantage of additionally paid Extra services prefer hiring an Advanced writer to fulfill their order.

Okay, done with the general info; it’s time to delve into details!

The Specifics

Type of paper

PaperHelp experts can help students with academic papers of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Below you can see the top-10 paper types customers have been ordering from us for the past two years.

types of paper

Unsurprisingly, over half of the orders are for essays as this task is assigned to students most frequently

Academic level

The great majority of papers customers order from our service are of the college academic level. One of the main reasons behind these statistics is that the transition from high school to college assignments is quite difficult. Plus, their number rises considerably while there still remain just 24 hours in a day. Another important factor is that many college students have to juggle studying, part or full-time work, and helping their families.

academic levels

It is evident that college students need writing help the most


Here are the top-20 subjects with which students ask for help most frequently. In case you don’t see a subject of your interest below but consider addressing our service, don’t fret! First off, we’ve already explained the situation with the “Other” category above – many customers just don’t fill out the “Subject” line in the order form. Secondly, it’s just 19 disciplines out of several dozen that we cover. Get in touch with PaperHelp customer managers today to confirm that we have competent experts to cover the required subject.


It appears, writing papers for nursing, humanities, and business-related subjects presents the largest issue for students


Deadlines’ breakdown shows that over a quarter of students come to PaperHelp as their last hope to get papers done on time. The thing is, almost 28% of orders are placed within a 1-day deadline (3, 6, 12, 24 hours; we don’t advertise the 1.5-hour deadline as it is available only to existing customers with considerable restrictions). At the same time, the deadline is one of a few crucial factors that affect the cost of an online expert’s assistance. That’s why we urge you to plan ahead and order in advance.


Lack of time and urgency drive students to place short-term, more expensive orders. Plan ahead and save big time!

Number of pages

The length of papers is inversely proportional to the number of orders – the shorter a paper is, the more frequently it is ordered. Please, note that problem solving and presentations are not included in this table as the size of these assignments is estimated in each particular case.

number of pages

Looks like most students are guided by the “brevity is the soul of wit” principle when ordering a custom paper


Finally, Extras – useful paid services customers may include in their orders at an additional cost (find out more here). Slightly over 44% of customers who opt for Extras hire an Advanced or TOP writer (as an alternative to a default – and free – Standard expert). The 2nd place goes to plagiarism report; interestingly, this Extra is included almost exclusively by first-time buyers while existing customers have already seen for themselves that the PaperHelp originality guarantee works as supposed.

extra services

Advanced and TOP writers rule! Almost half of the students who order Extras sign on to it

Bottom Line

We hope the information above gives you a better idea of who and what for addresses and clarifies how our service can be of help to you. As for us, for the umpteenth time, we see the confirmation of Douglas Harrison’s, University of Maryland Global Campus vice president, words that professional writing assistance is required not by spoiled rich kids too lazy to do their own work, but by working adults struggling to balance their studies and jobs. On the other hand, Dave Tomar, aka Ed Dante, a former academic ghostwriter, stresses out for EdSurge that many modern students “need more support, and they need to feel like they are not drowning in higher education.” In case you need such an agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and learn more about what we can do to help you out.

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