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Finding a Golden Ticket: PaperHelp Promo Code and Other Ways to Save

paperhelp discount code

We live in the era of promo codes. When we shop online, we know there must be a way to discount the initial price – it’s a given. Whether through the browser extensions like Honey and DealFinder or through the websites like CouponPaste and Don’tPayFull, we expect to instantly slash the price no matter what we buy.

Of course, being one smart online shopper, you must have been looking for a PaperHelp discount code at least once. In this post, you will discover everything to know about promo codes for our service and where to get the best deals.

Saving with Discount Code

A promo code is a short mixture of numbers and letters that make up a specific combination. When you enter it in a designated field during the checkout, it allows you to purchase products, services, or gift cards at a discounted price. Some promo codes can also be applied when you shop at brick-and-mortar stores, too: you either show a coupon with a unique barcode to scan or just say the promo code to a cash desk clerk. A bit like a magic spell. Poof! And you have some 20% off.

Of course, we do have such codes at PaperHelp, allowing you to save 5%, 10%, 15%, etc., off your purchase. However, those coupons are personalized offers sent privately to your inbox, rewarding you for being a loyal customer or prompting you to make another purchase (we are a business, after all). There is also a standard PaperHelp promo code for new customers we use as a welcome present when a new account is created on our website.

What about all those ‘40% OFF!’ codes lying around the Internet on coupon aggregator websites? Unfortunately, they are not as lucrative as they advertise. As a rule, such a discount code obtained from a third-party website will give you, at best, a standard newbie discount or… nothing at all, as it will have expired by the time you try to apply it.

Therefore, the best way to get an active discount code is to create an account with us using an email you monitor regularly. We always have some special offers during holidays, back-to-school days, sale seasons, anniversaries, etc. With some personalized bundles of promo codes, increased Loyalty Credits, and free Extra Services, you can save up to 25-30% on a purchase.

However, what if you want a promo code, but your inbox is depressingly empty? Don’t hesitate and contact our friendly and obliging support team! Drop a hint to a customer manager that you are shopping around and would love to place an order with us, but the full price just doesn’t seem particularly appealing. It doesn’t speak to you. You are a Pisces; you need a sign. I promise they will have something up their sleeve to persuade you.

Other Ways to Save With PaperHelp

Promo codes, however, aren’t the only way to conjure a better price when you shop with us. To be quite frank, it’s not even the most lucrative. Psst, come over here. Auntie Lissa will tell you all about being frugal – believe you me, as a Millennial who graduated into a post-crisis stagnant job market, I know all about it.

  1. Plan your purchase
  2. Time is money. By far, the most critical parameter influencing the price of your order is deadline remoteness. The more time before the due date, the lower the price. You get the best price on a deadline of 3+ weeks. So if you need to save, better place an order earlier than later.

  3. Buy big to save big
  4. You can get a 10 to 15% bulk discount when ordering big. Whether it’s serious research on many pages, lots of small papers for different subjects, or similar essays for you and your classmates – the more you order, the more lucrative it can be.

  5. Loyalty pays
  6. Another thing that our returning customers appreciate is Loyalty Program. For every paid order, you get a percentage of the sum accrued back to your account as Loyalty Credits. They can be used to pay for the subsequent orders, giving you a significant drop in the total sum (all the way up to 100% if you have enough credits). Just don’t forget to apply them before checking out!

I hope now you know better than wasting your time searching high and low for a non-existent 70% OFF coupon. Don’t get me wrong, seeking the best price is human nature. Adam Smith himself said that humans are the only animals that make bargains. Yet, smart humans know where to look. So don’t be shy and make the most of the opportunities PaperHelp offers!

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