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Essay on Gender Equality: How to Write One Brilliantly

gender equality essay

From the 1840s, when American women were first allowed to own property in their own names to the latest anti-discrimination policies, the last two centuries have seen tremendous strides toward gender equality in the political and legal sphere. However, equality declared by legislation is not always immediately followed by the actual even positions in society.

To this day, gender equality remains a goal rather than the state of affairs – both globally and domestically. There are harmful practices to eradicate, gaps to bridge, and targets to achieve. The legacy of an outdated system lingers, holding both women and men back.

The key to ultimate equity and fairness is understanding the deeply rooted systematic issues and attitudes that need reforming. That is why gender studies are a recommended course for many majors, and an essay about gender equality may be assigned for any field. In it, you will be looking closer at gender issues and imbalance in your own domain, or from the perspective pertaining to it: history, culture, sociology, health care, STEM, arts, etc.

This blog will give you some tips on how to approach this assignment, brainstorm topics if you were given a free essay on gender equality to write, and suggest some of the suitable essay topics on gender equality as examples. "What if my topic is difficult, needs thorough research, and I have less than a week to write my paper?" Don't worry, we can take care of that.

We will prepare a draft on your topic with all the information you need. We can also suggest sources to use or edit your own essay if you feel it can be better.

Does and Don'ts of Gender Equality Essay Paper

We have read and edited many essays on gender equality and feel privileged to have experienced this enormous diversity of perspectives, thoughts, personal takes, observations, struggles, and hopes students share. We have also recognized some recurring motives and mistakes.

For your convenience, they are summarized below in the form of dos and don'ts. These suggestions are only there to help, not to judge or limit you in any way.


  • Narrow the problem down. Inequality permeates our society and history. If you try to envelop it all in one essay, you won't succeed, most likely. Try to focus on one aspect and then add limiting descriptors to make the topic more manageable. For example, gender socialization of young children in the family, pay gap in the movie industry, or harmful stereotypes instilled through popular culture.
  • Research. You may have many observations and previously studied materials under your belt, but new surveys pop up every now and then, and it's always a good idea to check for an update.
  • Rely heavily on statistics and survey data. You can use anecdotal evidence to illustrate larger points and add a human dimension to the abstract issues. Still, they shouldn't be your primary arguments.
  • Stay objective. If you sound condemning and accusatory of a specific group, your audience may feel attacked and become defensive and resentful. Don't push people away – your goal is to educate and make allies.
  • Amplify marginalized voices. If you are studying gender socialization in a particular culture or group, the best way to gain a holistic perspective is not only studying numbers but also speaking to representatives of said group. Give them a voice instead of merely studying them as subjects – this is the key to better understanding the tangled complexities of life.


  • Use emotionally charged language. Keep leveled and objective tone. Instead, try to persuade your readers by presenting facts and building compelling arguments.
  • Overgeneralize. Power dynamics and discrimination patterns are very complex. You cannot lump together wealthy, educated women from developed countries with underpaid migrant care workers and say they are being oppressed equally. Equally, you shouldn't conflate affluent men holding positions of power with men who are discriminated against (gay men, disabled men, men of color, men employed in low-paid jobs, etc.) and call them all privileged.
  • Erase differences. Gender equality is a state of society where people have the same rights, opportunities, and access to resources, regardless of their biological sex and gender. It doesn't mean that all genders are the same or that they should be treated exactly alike. Equality doesn't erase differences but focuses instead on the shared human traits of all people, such as a desire for self-actualization and respect.

Gender Equality Essay Topics Suggestion

Each field of knowledge has its unique perspective on the human condition, including everything to do with gender. Here are some of the possible takes on gender equality depending on the sphere of life you are exploring.

Importance of gender equality essay topics

  • What is gender equality, and how can it be measured?
  • Root causes of custody preferences during separation
  • The gendered nature of care and its role in modern society
  • Gender equality and male wellbeing
  • Diversity of gender expression in traditional societies
Top 10 Male-Dominated Professions
Top 10 Female-Dominated Professions
Firefighters – 96.5% men
Preschool and Kindergarten teachers – 97.6% women
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers – 92.8% men
Speech language pathologists – 96% women
Aerospace engineers – 92.2% men
Dental assistants – 96 % women
Construction industry workers – 90.1% men
Secretaries and administrative assistants – 94.2% women
Clergy – 82.4% men
Childcare workers – 94%
Software developers – 81% men
Dietitians and nutritionists – 93.1%
TV and motion picture camera operators – 78.6% men
Nurse practitioners – 91.5% women
Chefs and head cooks – 78.6% men
Social workers – 81.9% women
Farmers – 75.5% men
Flight attendants – 75.8% women
Architects – 74.5% men
Waiters and waitresses – 71.8% women

Gender equality in sports essay topics

  • Transgender, non-binary, and intersex athletes and their place binary sports competitions
  • Sexualization of female athletes and sportswear regulations
  • Gender stereotypes in the popular perception of "feminine" and "masculine" sports
  • The pay gap between male and female professional athletes
  • Misogyny in sports

Gender equality in education essay topics

  • Informative essay "Gender equality: India and its roadmap for girl education in rural areas"
  • Argumentative essay "Why girls outperform boys in school and college?"
  • Analysis essay "Gender imbalance in the teaching profession and its causes"
  • Persuasive essay "Why girls are less likely to choose careers in STEM?"
  • Personal essay on your experience with gender stereotyping in school and/or college

Gender equality in Islam essay topics

  • Women using Sharia to fight for their rights
  • Quran and the role of religious leaders in its patriarchal interpretations
  • Quran and its feminist interpretations by activists in Egypt and Sudan
  • Sisters in Islam, Musawah, and other Malaysian religious feminist groups
  • Xenophobia, gender, and Islam in Europe

Gender equality in the workplace essay topics

  • Glass ceiling in politics
  • Traditional gender norms and their influence on career choices in men and women
  • Female- and male-dominated professions in the USA and ways to bridge the gap
  • Explore pay gap situation in your chosen career field
  • Workplace harassment and gender power imbalance

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