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Good Term Paper Topics for Original, Engaged, and Easy Writing

term paper topics

A term paper is an extensive written assignment and a significant component of your final grade. Therefore, it is crucial to brainstorm good topics for a project that will demand so much of your time, effort, and diligence. On this page, you will find 100+ college term paper topics for over a dozen various subjects:

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Original Term Paper Ideas by Discipline

The topic suggestions below are grouped by subject areas. Without being overambitious, we aimed to offer you a varying scope and complexity to accommodate different academic levels, courses, and interests. You can adjust the ideas from this list to suit your unique educational needs and goals by narrowing the topics down or inspecting them from a different angle.

Sociology term paper topics

  • Housing: a consumer good, a human right, or an investment asset?
  • Persistence of gender inequality in the new economy
  • Structural factors leading to gun violence
  • Settler colonialism and migration in America
  • Demographic trends in the USA since 1900: family size, life expectancy, migration, and globalization
  • Climate change and society responses
  • The unequal social distribution of health chances in the USA
  • Responses and solutions to poverty in contemporary western civilization

Law and Political science term paper topics

  • Effects of media coverage on public opinion and government
  • The constitutional right of privacy: history of development
  • The role and power of judges in criminal justice
  • Globalization and Anti-Globalization
  • Social media and polarization of public opinion
  • The part of militaries in politics
  • Reproductive rights and the Supreme Court rulings
  • The Patriot Act: historical view on security/rights issues

World History term paper topics

  • Vedic civilization in India and its cultural heritage
  • Political systems of Imperial China
  • The role of Buddhism in world history
  • Origins of Christianity and its spread in Ancient Rome and Byzantium
  • Political systems and social structures in Medieval Europe
  • The emergence of national states in 19th-century
  • World War I and Russian Revolution
  • Everyday forms of resistance in Tibet

US history term paper topics

  • Founders' toleration of slavery and squaring it with the idea of "…all men created equal."
  • Alaska Gold Rush and its role in national development
  • Successes and failures of women's suffrage movement in the USA
  • Impact of the prohibition on organized crime
  • Postwar Red Scare and the impact
  • Reasons for the US response to the Cuban missile crisis
  • Civil disobedience and national tradition of justice
  • Supreme court cases that changed America

Psychology term paper topics

  • Eating disorders as social psychology issue
  • Therapies for borderline personality disorder
  • Dream journaling for managing of PTSD in military veterans
  • The link between language and perception
  • Prevention and early diagnosis of depression
  • The psychology behind marketing and propaganda
  • Language acquisition: early childhood vs. adulthood
  • Validity and research ethics of Stanford Prison Experiment

Personal economics term paper topics

  • Budgeting methods for students
  • Net worth and credit awareness
  • Ways of managing considerable debt
  • Saving and investing basics for law-income individuals
  • Homeownership, mortgage, and predatory lending
  • The tax cycle and job paperwork
  • Coverage vs. Cost insurance
  • Portfolio diversification

Microeconomics term paper topics

  • Transformation of an insolvent debtor in business law: from a felony to modern bankruptcy procedures
  • Project management and its legal aspects
  • Limitations of managerial accounting
  • Labor relations in hustle economy
  • Economic consequences of employment discrimination
  • Market self-regulation mechanisms
  • Regulation of monopolies in the digital age
  • Pricing as a marketing tool

Macroeconomics term paper topics

  • The effects of mass migration on labor economics
  • Econometrics of international trade
  • The future of money in a globalized world
  • The macroeconomic implication of increasing protectionism
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the power sector
  • Definition and phases of the business cycle
  • Causes and policy responses to the recession
  • The power of compounding and long-run growth

Philosophy term paper topics

  • Health as a virtue in modern society
  • Afterlife and the persistence of the self
  • Beauty as a divine attribute
  • Existentialism and political judgment in the post-foundational world
  • Perspectives of Confucianism in the Globalized world
  • Feminist perspectives on traditional religions
  • Central topics of African philosophy
  • Nature in Asian philosophical tradition

Ethics term paper topics

  • Lies, deception, and withholding information in politics
  • Views on torture pre- and post-9/11
  • Human rights violations in international and national laws
  • Reproductive behavior and responsibility
  • Arguments about race and ethics of race division
  • The moral consequences of the globalized economy
  • Love and freedom: the crisis of romantic love, perspectives, and pitfalls of polyamory
  • Guiding principles of environmental ethics

Medical term paper topics

  • Activities effective for fall prevention in the senior population
  • Health effects of isolation during the pandemic
  • Possible causes of the autoimmunity rise in Americans
  • Benefits and limitations of intermitted fasting
  • Impact of urban pollution on respiratory diseases
  • Dietary habits contributing to insulin resistance
  • Leading causes of maternal mortality in the US
  • Causes and prospective treatments of migraine

Chemistry term paper topics

  • Challenges and perspectives of plastic recycling
  • Non-toxic ways of cloud seeding
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to existing cooling agents
  • Food flavoring for healthier nutrition
  • Impact-resistant plastics for protective gear and exoskeleton
  • Colloidal nanocrystals for optoelectronic applications
  • Stoichiometric calculations in analytical chemistry
  • Physical properties of covalent and ionic compounds

Biology term paper topics

  • Influence of geography on species formation
  • How the production of consumer electronics threatens marine life
  • Applied mathematical modeling in marine biology
  • Physical anthropology and its application in forensic science
  • Ethical issues in biotechnology research and innovation
  • CRISPR and genetic editing
  • The biology of cancer: what causes uncontrolled cell growth?
  • Pathogenic prions and disease prevention

Term paper topics about education

  • Engagement and collaboration in distant learning
  • Teaching tools for inclusive education in K12
  • Ways to manage ADHD in elementary school students
  • Vocational education in prison
  • Senior volunteers as peer educators in communities
  • Inclusivity vs. ability grouping
  • School schedule reform
  • Standardized testing system and its main issues

If you need a topic on a subject that is not on this list or want your term paper project to focus on something specific, let us know! We will prepare a personalized topic ideas list exclusively for you and suggest sources to kick-start your research!

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