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Free Economics in Business Essay Sample

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For some, economics and business are the same things. Although this is far from the truth, not every economics or business administration student would be able to simply explain the difference in a few words. A sample essay about economics in business presented below does just that by describing the key significance of economics for business decision-making. Read it to see that even complex concepts could be explained in a relatively simple way and learn by example how you can do that by yourself. In case you'd still have hard times with that, consider getting expert writing assistance from PaperHelp academic writers.

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The Role of Economics in Business

Economics is of great importance in the field of business as it involves the study of various economic tools, logic, and theories that are used in business decision-making. It assesses various factors that may impact a business and organization, strategies, optimization or expansion and encompasses topics such as consumption, distribution, product factors, demand, supply, and scarcity. The scope of economics in business includes capital management, profit maximization, pricing decisions, practices, and policies, cost-benefit analysis, and demand analysis. One of the essential aspects of business economics is that of decision-making in an organization.

The concept of economics in business is essential as such concepts help managers identify the problems, analyze them, and find solutions to fix them. They also help managers to analyze the internal and external factors that may affect the process of decision-making. Further, it is beneficial in framing different business policies, understanding the relationship between different factors affecting a business organization, and predicting the future. It builds a suitable tool kit for managers that would guide them to better decisions in real life. Apart from this, economics in business help companies to fulfill social responsibilities. Moreover, it plays the key agent role in the interaction between the business and the society.

Economics in business thus involves the integration of business practices with the traditional economic theories that help in the process of decision-making. The purpose is to facilitate planning by the management and decision-making. It is highly important to understand the needs and demands of the market and provide a supply of the products accordingly. A thorough study of cost, capital, and profit management help to estimate the working plan for a company that is beneficial for both managers and the organization. At large and herein lies the role of economics in business.

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