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Community Needs Assessment on COVID-19 at North Miami Beach, FL

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In 2020, the most talked and discussed issue globally was COVID-19, a.k.a. the coronavirus. Naturally, this subject couldn't go unnoticed by the academic community. As a result, many educational institutions included coronavirus-related matters in their lists of topics for student papers. Below we present a free example of an undergraduate-level research paper on COVID-19. This sample stresses out the importance of adequately assessing the data about the coronavirus for effectively fighting the disease in the North Miami community. It also showcases the best writing practices, proper structuring, and correct APA formatting. Keep in mind that example is always better than precept and use this research paper example as a guide, source of actionable insights, and a model to follow when crafting a piece of your own!

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The situation in North Miami Beach is fragile as the council fights the growing number of COVID-19 cases. The situation is serious and evolving quickly across the region. Therefore, the timely dissemination of actionable intelligence is vital if the response is to be meaningful. Safeguarding the wellness and health of the community and local economy as a whole is important given the destructive effects of the virus across the globe. Understanding what the locals are going through can be a good way of helping those who need attention. Nurses need to learn more about the challenges in the community and use the windshield survey data as a way of helping the community deal with the fight against the virus. Assessing data from the community can help anticipate changes and streamline services offered.



In the 2017 census, the population at North Miami Beach was at 43,041. The population density is 8602.2 per square mile. The household density was recorded at 339.89 per square mile (United States Census Bureau, 2020). The Miami Dale County provides accommodation plans for both the homeless and near-homeless population in the county. Shelters and services for those who need rehabilitation are also offered, and senior living community housing is also well protected. Inequalities are also a complication in the area as the poor continue to suffer from the inequality in place. Addressing this is imperative, especially due to the destructive effects of COVID-19.


No pollutants are notable in the area, but a tour of the city shows natural mangrove forests and the presence of hardwood hammock. The fauna in the area includes manatees, the Florida panther, and the killer whale. The potential disasters in the area emanate from the possibilities of floods and hurricanes that occur mainly during the rainy season. (2020) notes that the need for proper air quality cannot be emphasized enough as the incidences of care promote the urgency to discuss some of the essential strategies intended to create ambient living conditions.

Social Systems

The divide between the rich and the poor remains a threat as inequality becomes more challenging. The lack of a robust social system has made healthcare a concern for many in the lower cadre while affecting the provision of resources as the county continues to address its issues in the region.


Windshield Survey

The housing types in the area include single-family houses and apartments that accommodate the residents. Some houses were abandoned, though the number was relatively small. Most of these residential areas have small backyards with income levels ranging from low-to-high. A mixture of well-maintained and newer homes was noted. The sidewalks and streets are relatively clean and free of debris and litter. One instance of graffiti in the neighborhood was noted. Large recreational areas and nature pars were noted. According to (2020), such an abundance of recreational spaces is imperative in showing better wellbeing of the residents, an aspect imperative in reducing incidences of obesity.

Community Assessment Data

The community needs more attention given to the local poor. Those with low incomes are bound to face more challenges due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Florida. CDC (2020) notes there is a need to understand the best way of involving them in streamlining services as a part of reviewing people's demands within this environment. Enhancing care is only possible if the authorities take time to ensure a better overview of the care needs of the residents in the area. With better planning, the North Miami Beach council will have better success in controlling the number of cases recorded. Additional information that helps build a consistent and systematic address of the problem is imperative.


Providing food and other vital amenities will help communities in low-income areas. Taking care of the poor helps reduce the incidences of death due to their vulnerability. The challenge is handling quarantine without food and other amenities, which affects these groups even more.

The service-learning activity helps reduce the number of people dying from COVID-19 and regenerates the various conditions that exist in this area. To help the poor, the council will have to analyze the needs they have and examine the resources required to help meet the Healthy People 2020 initiatives.


North Miami Beach calls for more attention to ensure that the people who need assistance during the COVID-19 season can receive the right amount of care. The assessment shows that the inequality levels are a concern that should be addressed to improve the response both socially and economically after COVID-19 ends or is under control.


I have learned that the need to address some of the common demands is necessary to shape the outcomes of the response needed to help improve social determinants and the provision of care. I feel that this has been a good opportunity to come face-to-face with the situation while taking time to develop skills that can be applied in building good response programs within the community. In the future, I can conduct windshield surveys to understand the issues within the community while experiencing different moments that explain more about the community. I believe that this research has been a learning experience that helps me link the current environment with evidence-based practices that help address various medical concerns.


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