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Nuts and Bolts of Our Free Revision Policies

paperhelp revision policies

Despite being conceived as absolutely clear and unequivocal, legal jargon can be a bit confusing to someone without a degree in Corporate Law. That’s the major reason why we never read terms and conditions, click “skip” repeatedly, and are eager to check all boxes just to get to the point. However, this negligent attitude can get us in a pickle once a disputable situation arises. I know that. You know that. Everyone knows that. Over a decade ago, the infamous “Immortal Soul Clause” made a resounding case for actually reading the small print, but no one does anyway.

That is why I decided to translate the PaperHelp revision policy into plain English and explain it to the best of my ability. Hopefully, this will allow you to benefit from this handy option to the maximum and avoid any disappointment.

What’s a Revision?

Revision means amendments and corrections made to the initial paper after we deliver it to you. If you order an essay and it doesn’t meet your initial requirements, you can request a revision. Every order comes with the possibility of up to three free revisions to the paper.

Every round of revision can include as many specific requirements as you like. For example, you can send this pack of demands:

  • I need accurate citing for quotes in paragraphs 6 and 8 and the sources added to the References list.
  • The formatting should be done according to the MLA guide (pay specific attention to readable and coherent text segmenting).
  • Analysis of the zeugma use for comedic effect lacks examples. Please add at least two.
  • Correctly inconsistent grammar and spelling: I specifically asked for BrE, but the paper is peppered with Americanisms.

This will still be considered one revision. Neat, isn’t it?

When Can You Request a Revision?

You can request revision any time before you approve the order. Every time you receive the latest version of your paper (either original or revised), you have 7 days to approve it or send it back for yet another edit.

If you do neither for 7 days, the order is approved automatically. We assume you are satisfied with the paper you got and close the order. This period is longer if you have purchased the VIP service pack. Then you have 14 days to approve the paper or send it back for revision. Also, you are entitled to an extended 14-day period if your paper is longer than 20 pages.

Please note that if the original version of the paper was delivered to you before the deadline for the initial order, this deadline is considered kept. For each revision, a new deadline is set. You can request revisions, but you cannot claim a refund for a failed deadline if the paper is delivered on time but needs some minor changes.

How to Request a Revision?

Log in to the Control Panel and find the “Orders” tab in the menu on your left. Find the order you are interested in on the list. Select it to see full order details. If your paper is already submitted by your assigned helper and has gone through the quality assurance procedures, it will be available for perusal. Study it carefully before approving it in case it needs any corrections.

If you find that not everything is to your liking, click the “Send for revision” button. Then, detail all that needs to be changed in the paper.

Note that this button is only available on the order page before you approve the order. In case you have already approved but still need a revision, contact our Support team. Tell them in detail what needs to be fixed and when you need your paper ready. They will take care of everything and check if the deadline you request for the revised version can be met.

Can Revision Be Denied?

As a rule, we are very lenient and ask our papers writers to make all necessary changes. However, your new requirements should not contradict your initial instructions for the paper. For example, you initially requested 5 pages and 10 sources cited for an analysis essay. If you come back and say, “Actually, I need 7 pages and 15 sources for a better grade. Moreover, my instructor said that I should analyze a poem, not a short story,” our Quality Assurance department might have to decline your request since your initial ask was fulfilled in the first version. The assigned writer did their job properly.

That is why it is vital to pass us the exact instructions you receive with your assignment. If you have been dealt a hand-out, attach the file while placing the order. This will ensure that your assigned writer is fully informed of the requirements for the paper.

Life happens. Some small things slip your mind. Being a college student means having too much on your plate by definition. I mean, it’s there in the dictionary! If you remember something you haven’t told us when placing the order, don’t wait until it’s delivered. Immediately contact your assigned writer or our Support team and amend the instructions for the paper.

What to Do If I Still Need to Fix the Paper?

If the time allowed for revision has run out, your request has been declined, or you have exceeded your allowed three free revisions limit, a new order will be created for your paper for “Editing/Proofreading” services. You will be charged accordingly. Make sure to specify everything that has to be changed in the text in detail. The good news is that you can pay for editing services with your Loyalty Credits accrued to you for the initial order – that’s a silver lining, at least! I wrote about the Loyalty Credits and all the ways to save money while ordering earlier. Check out this blog for more tips.

I hope that now everything is perfectly clear and you know how to request revisions like a pro. However, I also hope you will need none – free or paid. Wish you perfectly executed papers, inspired learning, and excellent grades!

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