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Sample Reflective Paper to Help Write Meaning of Life Essays

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When tasked with an essay about meaning of life, you basically have two choices if you try to accomplish it single-handedly. You can either spill your guts and reflect on the issue or dig into philosophical nuances and get lost in the vicious circle of searching for the answer. The piece below is one of those 'meaning of life' essay examples that manage to incorporate traits of both categories. Read it to see how you can deal with the task with a short text while including some big ideas in it.

What is the Meaning of Life?

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I cannot give an exact definition of the meaning of life. I think nobody can, even the most famous and reputable philosophers. They can describe some basic aspects, suggest some formulas, or express an opinion, but even the greatest minds cannot define the meaning of life in full because it is a broad concept that differs for different people. Nevertheless, I do have an understanding of what kind of life would be meaningful for me and what kind of life would be senseless. In this regard, I support Richard Taylor's approach. He starts by discussing the meaningless life by the example of Camus' story of Sisyphus. I think that when it comes to complicated ideas, it is best to reason by a reversal. For example, I do not know what to wear, but I am certain what not to wear today. Similarly, I agree with Taylor's reasoning and his opinion that the meaning of life is directly connected to an active engagement in life. This thought is further developed by Susan Wolf, who also thinks that when people are actively involved in an interesting project of a high value, it makes their life meaningful.

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For me, the meaning of life means being present in life, being present in the moment, being active, and taking my chances. When I am doing something, I feel alive, and it fills my life with meaning. Moreover, when I am doing something for other people, like helping my granny with online shopping or walking the dog for my sick friend, it also adds meaning to my life. It does not matter if I help people with trifles or with some major issues. The very act of helping is important for me. I feel that my life is meaningful when I see that I can brighten someone's day or make somebody smile. I am no Good Samaritan, but I do enjoy being good to others, and I am sure that it adds value and meaning to my life.

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