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Computers and the Rise of Globalization Essay Sample

Essay, APA, Middle school
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Apparently, this short middle school-level 'Computers and the Rise of Globalization' essay example doesn't really qualify for in-depth scientific work. Still, it could be of help for middle and high school students in terms of content ideas. Check it out and see if any of the concepts presented in this sample essay on computers and the rise of globalization could be used to develop a more deliberate piece.

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The Rise of Globalization

My favorite product that came out of globalization is computers. Computers first came into existence in the late 19th century in the United States (Zimmerman, 2017). It slowly evolved into the computers that we use today and have spread to every corner of the globe. Even villages that have no electricity have at least one computer.

On the one hand, computers were a great invention and a great product of globalization. On the other hand, they also became the reason behind the increase in globalization. Computers allow people to be connected from around the world. And mostly, in a pandemic like Covid-19, when the world is isolated and people are cut-off from their loved ones, they can stay connected and informed. Due to computers' invention, many people could keep their jobs during the pandemic and continue working from their homes. Also, it had allowed schools to continue educating students remotely. Otherwise, students would have possibly missed an entire academic year.

However, where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Computers, when used by terrorist organizations, may cause a more significant threat to the world. Terrorists also use computers to stay connected with their counterparts and perform simultaneous attacks in different parts of the world.

Also, since the Internet became an inherent part of our lives, users' privacy became one of the greatest concerns. Many people have the talent to hack into other people's accounts and servers and track important information.

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If the United States had solely kept computers to themselves, they would have been at a much more significant advantage than any other country in the world. Their ability to benefit from information technology would have been beyond any other nation's grasp. The disadvantage would be that the United States would not have been able to monopolize the world's computer market and make billions of dollars out of this product each year globally.


  1. Zimmermann, K. A. (2017, September 7). History of Computers: A Brief Timeline.
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