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Personal Experience Essay Sample

Personal essay, APA, Bachelor
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Let us show you how to write a personal experience essay. Get this: people's minds are wired to like stories about struggle in life. Want to hook your readers? Hit them with the overcoming adversity essay where you tell them about a personal failure that has turned your world upside down. An essay about experience in life is only appealing when it describes a personal transformation precipitated by a misfortune. Hence, it'd be a good idea to describe a challenge you overcame essay. The theme of triumph over adversity is what draws the readers in. If you don’t know how to use essential components of storytelling to write about momentous life events, feel free to use the following essay on personal experience sample.

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A Personal Hardship That I Have Overcome

People face difficult situations in their life at some point of time or other. Sometimes, we do not know how to deal with hardships and overwhelming situations in our life. To overcome the obstacles and move toward the set goals, one has to be determined and persistent. Many great people have surmounted challenges with the help of their inner strength. Going through difficulties and struggles develops inner strength. It is also found that adversities sharpen one’s critical thinking skills. My experiences of hardships and struggles also have made me strong and confident. The details of my transforming difficulties are provided below.

On January 24, 2014, I discovered that I had been selected as a sophomore to represent my High School's track team in the New Balance Indoor High School/College Track Meet. Needless to say, I was pleased to no end with the exciting news. My exaltation was sweetened by the decision I had made earlier – to quit my competitive club soccer team. As an adolescent, I liked playing football; however, I decided to concentrate on track and field. Furthermore, I had promised to a high school coach that I would focus entirely on track and field events. Why? Because I wanted to get laurels for my school and push it to prominence.

I have vivid memories of my first indoor track event at Boise State University. I was quite nervous and observed that the stands were full of spectators. I said a silent prayer and got ready to run. I was very determined to win, so I had practiced well. When I heard the gunshot, I started running and was ahead of everyone. Upon completing the first lap, I was in a comfortable position with a good lead. I was confident that I would win the race. When I was only 75m away from the finish, I felt severe pain and was trying to limp and complete the race. Alas, the pain was unbearable, which is why I was forced to scurry off the track and fell down. I had never experienced the agony of such magnitude before. The University medics helped me to the clinic. I was informed that I had pulled my right hip flexor and was lucky that it was not a tear.

Although I was in a position to win, I had to return home without a medal. My health failed me, but I was determined to stay calm. I made up my mind to get well soon and come back. As fate would have it, I had to undergo treatment for six months. I could not participate in any track and field events during the entire sophomore year. I wanted to take care of my health so that I wouldn't face any difficulties with my body. After my injury, I was under rehabilitation. I wanted to get back, so I started to get trained with my high school cross country team in August 2014. I tried my best to keep up with the team, but I found it difficult. I had just started running since my injury. After running for some time, I began to feel the pain again. I was very disappointed that I could not run as well as the others. I could not understand what had happened to my body. Perhaps, for this reason, I broke into tears upon seeing my coach. I felt so helpless and could not grasp why I was unable to run.

My mother took me to another Orthopedic Doctor. He asked me to go for an MRI. As he was concerned about my condition, he referred me to a world-renowned sports medicine surgeon at Stanford Hospital. Dr. Safron ran several exams and offered me to undergo hip surgery. On October 17, 2014, I had to undergo right hip arthroscopic capsular plication surgery. It was a painful experience, after which I was asked to take rest for six months.

Even after my surgery, I was not willing to give up. On March 27, 2015, I ran in my first high school track meet, which was after about a year and a half. I was happy to finish the race without any pain, but I could neither break a track record nor improve my personal record. Nonetheless, I was satisfied with my accomplishment. With so many medical problems I wouldn't have been successful if I was not determined. Going through all these hardships, I learned so much in the past two years. The difficulties made me realize that we are not powerful nor are we in control of all that happens to us. If you believe in yourself with confidence and faith, you can overcome the challenges in life. According to Stephan Labossiere, "Many times we are our worst enemy. If we could learn to conquer ourselves, then we will have a much easier time overcoming obstacles that are in front of us." We realize our potential only when we endure hardships. We also learn to appreciate things in times of grief and learn not to take things for granted. By looking at the examples of people who have shaped history because of their fight against odds we know that it is possible to overcome grave situations with a positive outlook.

According to Thomas A. Edison, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." If he had to withdraw when he faced hardships, he wouldn't have been able to make his great inventions. Likewise, Nelson Mandela became the first democratically elected president only after hardship in his life. He had to spend 27 years in prison before he became successful. In the same vein, Abraham Lincoln had faced a nervous breakdown a political defeat before he finally became the president. Helen Keller was deaf and blind. She overcame her disability by learning to read and write. She became the first deaf and blind person to gain a bachelor's degree. Mahatma Gandhi opposed British dominion in India. Though he was put in jail many times, he defeated the British Empire with his policy of non-violence. Beethoven composed the most beautiful pieces of music though he lost his hearing. Malala Yousafzai, the youngest noble prize winner, became a global advocate for human rights in spite of being shot in the head by Taliban. J.K Rowling is a true example of rags to riches story. She honed her writing skills and persevered long enough to become a multi-millionaire.

The above examples show that rather than worrying and getting anxious over difficulties, one has to focus on the important things and set a goal. It should be understood that life is full of ups and downs, and any hardship will pass. Most successful people have learned from their failures. Overcoming challenges and failures develops good leadership qualities. Limitations of any kind can be overcome with the right approach and attitude. Every obstacle should be considered as a stepping stone to success.

When I look back at how I overcame my hardship, I feel proud of myself and thank God for giving me the strength to overcome the most challenging period in my life. The painful surgery did not make me decide against what I wanted. I remained focused on my interests and was very much determined not to give up. My friends and family gave me the encouragement and support that I wanted. Sometimes hardships in life might make us feel that everything is over in our life. But when we encounter great examples of determination, we understand that, when approached with the proper mindset, adversity can bring success. Weakest moments should be considered as opportunities rather than limitations. The success stories of great people serve as an example for people who feel discouraged. As the outcome of most situations is uncertain, it is but normal to experience fear. But with a positive outlook, any problem can be overcome.

I have realized that my experience with my challenges helped me to grow as a person. My decision to get back to running improved my self-esteem. I understood how difficult it can be to depend on others for basic needs. I have become humbler and can recognize when another person experiences pain. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life and will never take anything for granted. My parents have been my strength, and I am grateful for all the support and encouragement they gave me.

My Favorite Word

There are many words in the English language with different meanings. But some words have a special feeling. I have many favorite words, but the most favored word that I want to write on is 'Hope'. Hope is an elemental driving for all human beings. It is a universal human trait to hope for the best. Amid uncertainties and difficult situations, it is hope that keeps people going.

Hope is something abstract, which means believing and expecting that something good is about to happen. The meaning for the word hope is explained as a" feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen". According to Christian theology, hope is an important virtue practiced by believers. Hope is at the base of most religions. It makes people believe in the Bible and also in eternal life which was promised by God. Hope is the faith in the proper course of destiny. It is a state of mind propitious to thriving in our cutthroat world. There is truth to the old dictum “never lose hope." It strengthens individuals and encourages them to try different things even during difficult times; it never wears out. Hope makes one want something though it is sure that it is not possible to get. The act of hoping gives confidence and expects inherent goodness. Hope is something that can never die but holds on like a star of promise.

When students prepare for exams, they hope to do well and get good marks. Participation in sports events is going hand in hand with the hope of winning. Hope allows us to tolerate unexpected circumstances, which inevitably occur. What makes one get educated and get a good job is hope. We always wish for the best when we get into desperate situations. The story of Pandora's Box from ancient Greece about releasing all the evils of the world. Along with everything unimaginably dark and vicious, all the blessings escaped except one. The remaining blessing was hope that stopped the destruction of mankind.

It is quite impossible to live without hope. It is instrumental in overcoming fears and worries. It is a promise for the future, which is necessary to lead an enjoyable life despite constant struggles. Life would become boring and miserable without hope. It makes a great difference in human beings, both psychologically and physiologically. Hope gives the willpower to accomplish the goal. Hopeful patients have higher chances of recovering than their despondent counterparts. Feelings of fear and anxiety are more prevalent when a person without hope experiences pain. The sense of hope helps one block pain by releasing endorphins in the brain. It can be argued that hopelessness exacerbates health problems, whereas hope brings happiness and health. Hope is also related to developing healthy habits like regular exercise and adherence to a healthy diet.

Hope helps to continue living after traumatic experiences. It gives us the motivation to overcome situations and start anew. It gives us opportunities to feel happy and courageous. Positive psychology aims to teach people to be more hopeful, thereby improving their health conditions. It is easier to motivate a hopeful person and boost their personal and professional productivity.

Hope is an inner urge towards the better future of mankind. It makes society connected. Hope helps to adapt to situations and overcome adversity. To remain hopeful, one should have formal and informal bonds with their community. By being spiritual, one can stay hopeful. Hope can spread from one person to another multiplying in the process. In times of adversity, other people can help each other to hold on to hope. Definitely, hope makes a difference in the life of all human beings. It has been observed that hope makes one behave in a healthy manner and is essential for all human beings.

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