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Dangers of Binge Drinking and Its Effect on Society

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Several years ago the idea of a binge drinker referred to people who consumed alcohol in heavy amounts on a regular basis. In recent years, this definition has changed across the United States. Today the concept of binge drinking points towards people who consume alcohol in large amounts over a short period that is usually one night (Dowshen, 2013). More specifically, binge drinking is a situation where men consume five or more units of drinks within a night and more than once within a week. On the other hand, women who consume four or more drinks within a night and more than once within two weeks are considered as binge drinkers. However, according to the National Office of Statistics the NHS describes binge drinking as the consumption of alcohol greater than the lower risk of guidelines for alcohol within one session ( As their civil duty and goodwill, the government organizations have several campaigns that advise people against large consumption of alcohol. Many of the societal, domestic, or professional issues people face have their roots within binge drinking. Furthermore, the worst case for a binge drinker is that he is not aware of his habit and addiction, which causes problems for him and his external environment in the end.

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People often question that why is binge drinking specifically harmful for them; whereas, drinking the same amount of alcohol over a divided time may be less harmful. Doctors suggest that drinking for instance; six units of alcohol within an hour are likely to increase the individual’s blood alcohol concentration. Consequently, people get drunk and this affects their senses and behavior. However, if the same amount is consumed between meals and over a longer time it would not have the same effect because the body blood alcohol levels are diluted continuously. Getting drunk may not just have a temporary impact upon the individual; rather, the effects of too much alcohol could have long-term physical and mental effects. As reported by several studies in America, people are most likely to get involved in domestic as well as public accidents because of being drunk. In extreme circumstances, people have died because of being drunk beyond their body can intake. Vomiting is a common after-effect of being drunk, and if somebody is not in their senses, they could choke on their vomit and it could be a cause of their death. Furthermore, people affect their personal lives because of binge drinking as it may have adverse consequences for their partner and families. A primary reason of divorce has been binge drinking and the behavior people adopt while under the influence. In the long-term people may also become excessively moody and this could lead to them being sidelined by their social groups and eventually lead to feelings of loneliness (

Even though consumption of alcohol is acceptable in most parts of the Western world, but excessive consumption of alcohol is looked down upon. This idea of binge drinking is similar to addiction to any drug or any other harmful thing in life. People look down upon things that cause addiction or make an individual lose their sense of mind. Consequently, it is no surprise that binge drinking is also discouraged or looked down upon. This problem has recently escalated not only in America, but UK and Australia are two of the several countries to be affected by this problem. Increasingly, teens have been reported to be consumers of excessive alcohol. This increase in teenage drinking problem has been reported as accidents and early deaths have risen over the past few years. Teenagers often involve themselves in activities such as consumption of alcohol to be acceptable in their desired social group and not be the outcast. People who start a habit because of the fear of being sidelined are often unable to take control of their actions and lose sight of who they really are and what they actually want. If young adults are involved in binge drinking from their teenage, they are more likely to suffer from long-term negative consequences. One of the most common health problems faced by males today is sexual problem specifically male impotency. One of the primary reasons for this health condition is the consumption of excessive alcohol as it increases the alcohol concentration in the blood stream. Moreover, teenagers may also face a difficulty in concentrating at colleges or universities because binge drinking is reported to have a significant impact upon the mental health. People may feel dizzy during the day times, which could impair their ability to behave normally. Many students often quit their education or are forced to leave because of declining grades and inappropriate behavior.

An individual loses his ability to make wise and rational decisions while they are under the influence and this could seriously affect their lives. For instance, people get involved in unprotected sexual activity is they are drunk and cannot determine between right and wrong. Very often, people feel embarrassed or ashamed about their actions once they regain their senses and are out of the effect of alcohol. Individuals make decisions that they would not take under normal conditions; therefore, binge drinking is not only discouraged but considered as wrong ( Most of the research done upon binge drinking revolves around the health issues; however, it does not suggest in any way that social and personal issues are any less important. Dr. Gyongyi Szabo researched that even if an individual involves himself/herself in a round of binge drinking once then he/she is susceptible towards cell immunization of fever, inflammation, and tissue destruction. People fail to understand the harmful effects alcohol consumption has upon their bodies; therefore, they are unable to predict the effects excessive alcohol has upon their health. Dr. Szabo has researched that a perfectly healthy person may destroy his immune system and permanently damages his health even after a single attempt at binge drinking (MNT, 2014). The intensity of this behavior is apparent through the study of several other doctors but Dr. Szabo’s research has been taken into account for the purpose of this paper.

In recent times, research has been emphasized upon the increase in the problem of binge drinking. As a result of these researches, researchers have found that one cause of the problem is a result of heavy promotion and marketing of alcohol. The cheap price at which alcohol is available has helped people to increase their consumption level. Along with affordable prices, the heavy promotion of alcoholic brands as a status symbol and socially acceptable product has also helped its consumption. Moreover, bartenders and owners are accused of “up-selling” alcoholic products to consumers. People who have drinking problems do not hesitate in ordering more rounds of tequila and as a result, they are stuck in the cycle of binge drinking. The change in the social structure of society has also contributed towards binge drinking. As young adults get married later in life and are in the quest of increasing their disposable income; therefore, they have more considerable time and resources to be involved in alcohol consumption. In recent times, licensing requirement and the licensing environment has been eased which allows greater number of people to the consumption of alcohol. This ease in the licensing structure was to reduce the rates of illegal activities. Consequently, the number of people consuming alcohol and being a victim to binge drinking has increased. .

The aforementioned facts and arguments clearly indicate that binge drinking has become an issue of growing concern in recent times. It is not only affecting individuals in their private lives, but it is affecting the entire society at large. People who are involved in binge drinking today may not be able to decipher the long-term impact this would have on their lives, but the longer term effect would not only affect them as an individual, but it would affect society at large. There is immense pressure upon governmental institutions about controlling this dilemma because it is affecting future generations. The government may have to set budgets for greater health care; whereas, these budgets could be allocated in other growing sectors to fuel economic growth. Therefore, if the government were stuck with issues like combating binge-drinking problems it would change the entire society after a particular period.

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