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Top 5 Bog-Standard Issues & Most Unusual Facts About Orders Our Service Dealt with in 2021

common issues and unusual orders of 2021

December is traditionally the time to reflect upon everything that happened during the past 12 months and draw a line under the year’s worth of labor, results, happy memories, and screw-ups. That’s exactly what we did here at Paper Help, and we noticed a couple of curious things that we’d like to share with you now. Here are the results of our year together – from the most frequently asked question to the most peculiar requests.

The “Most Popular Topic” Nomination: That Pesky C-Word

There is no way around it: COVID-19 continues to be the #1 issue on everyone’s mind. That’s why pandemic-related topics stayed hands-down the most requested at Paper Help. Almost any type of work in any volume, shape, or form had its share of “COVID” in the titles. However, let us not dwell on the negative side of things and look at the silver lining.

Despite disruptions and restrictions, you continued to strive for knowledge with admirable perseverance. Among the papers we’ve assisted you with were distant learning requests and other notes asking for reasonable accommodations during the pandemic.

You succeeded. Back in October, one of our customers shared their joy with us as they graduated and earned their bachelor’s degree. And wouldn’t you know it, the crowning paper for the last class was about this new big C. We are happy for every graduate that we have helped along the way, and we want you all to know: we are proud. Proud that you have put your trust in our service. Proud that we’ve made it together. Proud of you!

We hope to see you again and help you with your irresistible CVs, compelling cover letters, and persuasive higher position requests.

The “FAQ” Nomination: HELP!

You preferred to err on the side of caution and wanted to learn as much as possible about our ordering process before committing. That is very commendable, and let us assure you, our Customer Support were happy to help you. However, if you are not a chatty person or would rather have a clear written manual, you are in luck because here it is. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to place an order without a hitch.

You’ve also shown remarkable inquisitiveness by wanting to know more about our services. For example, you’ve asked us about types of formatting available, academic levels, store credits, and extras. Since successful communication requires repetition, here is a lighting round of your FAQs:

  • Is the reference page free? – Yes! As well as the title page, references are gratis.
  • Can you do an online test instead of me? – No.
  • Can you transfer Loyalty Credits to a debit card? – No, but you can pay for your orders with them.
  • What type of formatting is available? – Any type. In the order form, click on “APA,” “MLA,” “Chicago/Turabian,” “Harvard,” or “Other” (don’t forget to indicate the desired formatting style in the “Instructions” field when you choose “Other”).
  • What are the academic levels available? – High School (12th grade), Undergraduate (2-year program, college or university freshman or sophomore), Bachelor (any Bachelor program, university junior or senior), Professional (Master’s and Ph.D. program).

You’ve sometimes been forgetful about your login details. The question “Where can I find my sign-in details and how can I reset my password?” is ever in the top 10. Let us assure you, your login and password are sent in the first email right after you give these details during sign-up. Please use the valid email address you have access to as your login, and you will never lose this information.

The “Order in Progress” Nomination: How Soon Is Now?

You’ve been giddy with anticipation and wanted to know how your order progresses, which is understandable since every little paper may mean the difference between “pass” and “fail.” Yet, there is no need for anxiety or guesswork. All you need to do is sign in to your Control Panel and look at the “Orders” tab of the user menu. Next to your order (number and title), you will see its deadline and status. Also, you get notifications on your email every time the status changes or you have any new messages pertaining to this order.

You’ve been collaborative and wanted to communicate with your online paper writer – and we cannot commend you enough for that! In case you didn’t know how you could get in touch with your assigned writer or need a quick reminder, here is the complete guide.

The “Most Challenging Task” Nomination: Life Is Real

You’ve been ambitious and wanted to grow. We have helped you with cover letters and requests to supervisors for higher positions. With our help, you’ve landed jobs of your dreams, from the head of ICU to FBI agent.

You showed gratitude and wanted people around you to know you appreciate them. We have received letters of thanks from you and helped you with a few others addressed to your family, friends, and even CEOs.

You’ve celebrated together with your loved ones. We have helped you craft several touching congratulation letters, speeches, and toasts – from your mother’s 60th birthday to your best friend’s wedding. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life.

The “Record High” Nomination: Look at You!

You’ve been loyal and kept coming back to us. The most active customer has placed 348 orders in the course of 2021. That’s nearly one per day, including weekends and holidays! Wow, have you been busy! But you know what they say: an order a day keeps the deadline away.

You’ve been persistent, and we had to be too, as we spend months together working on your magnum opus. A 200-page long thesis is nothing to sneeze at. Phew! Admit it, you are as relieved as we are that this project is finally over!

You’ve been generous and tipped your writers handsomely because you know that time you save is priceless. Christmas came early for those working on a certain $1,155 order when they received… a $1,000 tip! Another big-hearted Santa’s helper gave $200 on top of a $712 charge. We are over the moon for two reasons when something like this happens. First, your generosity means you are happy with our work. Second, that means you appreciate what we are doing here and value our efforts. Thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts!

You’ve been enterprising and made some money with us too! Our most active ambassador invited 12 of their friends and earned a referral income of $627, followed by another vocal advocate who made $469 over the course of 2021. I’d say that deserves champagne! (cue DiCaprio’s Gatsby meme.)

Thank you for choosing us: for your trust, your tenacity in reaching your goals, for kind words of appreciation, and your openness about things you liked – or didn’t. We make it our New Year’s resolution to grow and serve you even better for years to come. Happy holidays!

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