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Analytical Essay on Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech

Speech, MLA, Undergraduate
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In the speech there are two sets of audiences, that is, the people inside the republican’s convection center and millions of other Americans watching the acceptance speech at home. In her speech Sarah Palin had to make sure she addressed these two groups of people. The most supportive audience was the one at the convection. The speech was continually interrupted by applause and chanting as well as laughing and chanting. These were the people that were already convinced in her dream. She need not convince them to vote for Mc Cain. For this audience Palin needed only to introduce herself and her family. She introduced herself and her son who is currently serving at the military. She gave credit to his deployment in Iraq at the time of the speech. This was purposely done to connect her experiences as an army mum as well as give credit to McCain and his experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq. This was also a way to give her respects to the Vietnam veterans.

Palin connected her family experiences to her presidential flag bearer in her acceptance speech. She told the audience that that was the kind of man she wanted as their commander –in-chief. She also drew much attention to her small month old baby Trig Palin who was diagnosed with Down syndrome in-uteri. This was a special way to connect with the people with special needs.

To Mr. Chairman, fellow delegate s and citizens of the Republic of America, I stand before you as Mrs. Sarah Palin when she delivered her speech of acceptance during the Republican National conference on 3rd august 2008 to express her pleasure to you for nominating me for the second highest office in the Republic of America as the vice President. The speech reflects the transparent anger on their harsh rivals and opponents Democrats in the 2008 general election. Given the opportunity to serve as the vice president of the United States, she was contented to accept the nomination but her speech on that occasion was stained with numerous controversies and contempt by the opposition. The event was purely meant to celebrate her bombshell preference and recognition as the vice President of the Republicans.

In her early stage of the speech, she addressed the congregation on her family matters and herself where the population cheered at every statement she made. She made the point clear from the start by defending the presidential candidate senator McCain and also uses the podium to defend her candidature as the vice president. The congregation consisted of college students, children of school going age, business class, women and men and other politicians. She used her background to connect well with the majority of the population present which was predominantly taken by women. The crowed was huge enough to provide her necessary audience and each and every time she made a statement; she got eminence prolonged applause. The population gave her an audience to convince and win the hearts of the Americans electorate in the favor of the presidential candidate senator McCain and she, Sarah palin drew several metaphorical situations to keep the audience laughing and to paying special attention.

In saying that “I'm just one of many moms who'll say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm's way,” made her to be termed her as a “hockey player,” Ms. palin was able to plea to the various groups of audience at the conference, who saw her as the real leader who could help them achieve their vision as a country. The crowed went into raptures as she won round of applauses showing the sign of willingness of the citizens to vote her together with the presidential candidate senator John McCain to the highest offices in the United States of America. Most of the audience believed that she represented the motherhood to the nation and it was the right time to test women with such high demanding offices in order to prove to the rest of the world what women could do given the chance to serve the public.

On the energy sector Mrs. Palin believed that given her verse knowledge of the sector on petroleum and oil exploration she could make America to be self reliant in the energy sector without necessarily depending on the oil producing countries. She rebukes off the opposition claims that the country could only relied in the importation of oil from other producing countries. She broke the crowed into laughter by saying that “take it from a gal who knows the North Slope of Alaska: we've got lots of both.” This was an indication that she was ideally against the move by the President Obama to depend too much on other countries to generate oil and gas in their country. She echoed the need to bring America back to its people from the foreigners.

On the opposition claim that she was not qualified enough and thus lacked the necessary experience to be voted as the vice president of the country she answered the Democrats that she had garnered a lot of experience at her hometown as a mayor. She said “Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska, I was mayor of my hometown.” Explaining to the crowed some of the activities she took as the mayor of the hometown.

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